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mundane reflection

rise of the tireless sun
eyelids eased, curtains stutter.
rays giggle
on the tattered comforter.
she kept her sigh inside
for today was worth a thousand miles.
bites in her weak knees
the creak of a green-rust gate
every morning the
jasmine blooms
with the sound of the hens
the scent of hay and
semi-clear water
slow lingers of
liquid fingers
(for what?)
a quiet failure.
eyelids close, eyelids close
and in the brightening sun
she could have dosed
but feet run around the
ancient carpet of crimson-brown.
clinks and clanks of kitchen spoons
warm scents of
beans and eggs
fried and laid
it could have been a daisy chain
the way they sat, the way they ate
and her laughter makes her nose vibrate
her grin sincere
her eyes alight.
tradition of rows of black
on white-grey paper, cheap and cramped
"grandpapa, what's happened today?"
"oh, murder, and invasion, and ignorance again!"
averted eyes
resignation of
human nature
it's been one game
of various names
she saves that sigh
for the upcoming Day.
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